Free Damp Survey in Yorkshire

We offer free damp surveys, timber reports and damp treatment quotes throughout Yorkshire.

During your property inspection our local experts will detect the presence of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation, and find the source of the issue.

Our Process


Conduct a free damp survey

One of our friendly local experts will inspect your property, using their many years of experience and the latest technology to detect damp, and find its cause.


Uncover damage to timber

An important part of our damp proofing survey is considering the likelihood of damage to timber in your property. If damage is detected, this will form part of our plan to repair your home.


Provide a no obligation quote

Once our experts have identified the cause and impact of the damp, we’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote setting out in plain English the best way to remedy your damp issues.


Get to work

If you decide to go ahead with Allerton Damp we’ll get to work as soon as possible to rid your property of damp issues, and prevent future damp arising.

Find Your Local Damp Proofing Specialist

Why Getting a Damp Proofing Survey is Important

Untreated damp can cause a series of health issues and can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property, often making it unsafe to inhabit.

Detecting the presence of rising damp and penetrating damp is not as simple as reading a result on a moisture meter. Where damp is affecting a property, it is important to first identify the source before any steps are taken to address the problem. Failing to diagnose the source or taking the advice of an inexperienced Surveyor who misdiagnoses the source can lead to significant unnecessary works being carried out, which fail to resolve the problem.

For instance, where condensation is mistaken for rising damp (a common mistake amongst lesser-experienced Surveyors), a homeowner can spend thousands on new damp proof courses and the replacement of wall plaster- none of which resolves the condensation problem, which then returns almost immediately.

Get a professional free damp survey with Allerton Damp.

Timber Survey

A timber survey assesses the condition of timber in your property, which may be damaged due to damp-related issues, like wood rot. An appraisal of the condition of internal timber is essential if:

  • Damp has been discovered close to the timber
  • Infestation of the timber is suspected
  • The timber is thought to be rotting
  • You are buying or selling a home

In many cases, timber decay or infestation can be hidden and hard to detect, such as when it is occurring beneath a floor or in the roof void of a property. As such, it is essential that you only ask an experienced hand to conduct a timber survey; our CSRT and CSTDB Surveyors are veterans in the field and so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you choose Allerton Damp.

Condensation Survey

Our Surveyors are experts in the detection and prevention of condensation.  They have access to a range of advanced instruments to use during their damp proofing survey such as laser surface temperature gauges, hygrometers, and damp meters; with such tools, our Surveyors can say for certain whether a home suffers from condensation.

Where condensation is found, we can implement a wide variety of condensation treatment methods to help alleviate the problem.  The strategy for eliminating condensation requires a persistent and patient approach, but with our assistance, this can be achieved in almost every case. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive damp and timber report, so you know exactly what your property needs.

The eradication and prevention of condensation normally requires some material change to the home and the lifestyle of the occupants. For instance, where a lack of suitable ventilation is to blame for the presence of condensation, it might also be that the inhabitants can take simple steps to reduce the amount of water vapour they produce. The use of a vented tumble dryer rather than drying clothes indoors is often a great start.

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