Professional Carpentry & Joinery in Yorkshire

At Allerton Damp, we offer a full timber care service to match any needs or requirements. Our skilled carpenters and joiners deliver an unmatched quality service which includes:

  • The treatment of timber affected by fungal decay or insect infestation
    The treatment, removal and renewal of timbers that have been affected by Dry Rot, Wet Rot or woodworm.
  • Kitchen supply and installation
    Whether you need your kitchen to be fit for a chef or a multi-functional and much-loved space for the family, our designers can help you.
  • The supply and fitting of skirting boards and architraves
    Skillful and refined carpentry services which transform any room into a stylish space.
  • Timber staircase construction
    Thinking of renewing existing staircases or redesigning them? Let our experts take care of the process for you.

Timber works associated with decay and infestation

Where fungal decay or infestation occurs in timber, this will invariably leads to those timbers becoming weak, damaged and dangerous. As such, when these problems are discovered, you should seek the help of a trained expert as soon as possible.

Timber decay and infestation are complex problems and require an experienced hand to diagnose them and assess the extent of the damage that has occurred. At Allerton Damp, our expert CSRT Surveyors are leaders in the field of the diagnosis of timber decay and infestation. As part of our service, our Surveyors will recommend:

  • The appropriate treatment required to eradicate the decay or infestation
    This might include the replacement of the timber or its treatment with the ALLDAMP range of specialist fungicides or insecticides.
  • The extent of replacement timbers that will be needed
    Assessing the correct quantity of timber replacement required reduces cost whilst ensuring a sound structure.
  • The amount of repairs required (if any) to make the structure safe
    Where decay and infestation affects flooring or other structural timbers, their weakening presents a danger. A skilled hand is required to remedy this.
  • The works required to stem the source of water which caused decay or infestation
    Stopping water reaching timber (by a damp proofing system or otherwise) will prevent the return of the problem.

Once our Surveyor has prepared their report, our PCAQT Certified Technicians will carry out the repair works to the highest possible standard.

Our Timber Services


We are suppliers and fitters of new doors, skirting boards and architraves. Our expert joiner and carpenter team fit a variety of internal timber to suit any decoration or design. Additionally, where there is a need for timber to be protected against future decay or infestation, we supply specialist pre-treated and Vac/Vac sealed timber that is resistant to insect attack or fungal decay.


Whether your kitchen has been damaged by the effects of damp or decay, or whether you simply want to upgrade your old kitchen, our expert fitters can design and install a kitchen to meet any needs. We work with a range of leading suppliers including Magnet and Howdens and we provide a range of kitchens to suit any budget and taste. If you’d like any further information about our kitchen services, please contact us and one of our expert fitters will be happy to discuss your needs.


If fungal decay or infestation has damaged your staircase, our expert joiners and carpenters will work hard to reinstate it to its former glory. If your staircase hasn’t been damaged, but you’d like to change the design or construction of your staircase, we can help too. Our specialists can design and fit stylish, bespoke staircases to suit your needs and budget; to discuss your plans with them, please contact us.


What kind of kitchens can you supply?

Mostly, we work with suppliers such as Howdens and Magnet, but our fitters have a broad range of experience working with almost any kitchen design, so we can meet whatever your needs are.

How long have you provided carpentry and joinery services?

Well, we’ve been in business since 1983 and we’ve been delivering high quality carpenter and joiner services since then!

Does timber affected by rot always need to be replaced?

No, not always, but it depends on the extent of the outbreak and how long the timber has been affected by it. As time passes, more and more of the timber is consumed by the rot, making it weaker; if the timber has become too weak to bear weight, it should be replaced. Our Surveyors assess the extent of any outbreak and try to keep the replacements to a minimum to save on cost. If timber does not need to be replaced, our staff will treat it with a specialist fungicide from the ALLDAMP range of products.

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