Dry Rot Treatments in Wakefield

Here’s a photograph from our latest survey in Wakefield, West Yorkshire where our technicians discovered a considerable outbreak of Dry Rot decay beneath a kitchen floor. The photograph is taken from the cellar where a great view of the problem could be obtained.

Sadly, this is likely to result in the replacement of the timber floor, along with several other damp proofing measures to prevent the joists becoming affected by damp again.

Consequences of Dry Rot

Where Dry Rot is active in a home, it can cause numerous serious problems and may pose a danger to the safety of those inhabiting the property. Gradually, Dry Rot weakens the timber which it affects and can cause it to collapse. Where a staircase or floor is made from timber, this can mean that the stair or floor can collapse, causing obvious damage to the property and a risk of serious injury to you.

Why is Dry Rot so serious?

Dry Rot requires food (timber) and water to thrive.  Dry Rot is so serious because it has a unique ability to transport water along its growth to supply new growth, meaning that it will grow past the area of the water source from where it started.  Dry Rot can grow through walls and plaster to find new sources of food, wreaking havoc in its wake.

Dry Rot Treatment

We specialise in the prevention and treatment of Dry Rot. Where small outbreaks of the decay are found, it might be possible to save the timbers which are affected, so early treatment of Dry Rot is essential. However, where the decay is as serious as that pictured, replacement of the timber is almost inevitable, which can be costly.

Where replacement of the timber is necessary, it is not always necessary to replace all timbers in the affected area.  Some which are less effected can be treated with a fungicidal spray which will not only kill the fungi, but assist in preventing its return.

Dry Rot Specialists

We are specialists in the treatment and prevention of Dry Rot decay. Where you suspect that Dry Rot is affecting your home, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible.

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