Dry Rot Treatments in Leeds

Here’s a photograph from our latest survey in Leeds, West Yorkshire where our technicians discovered a considerable outbreak of Dry Rot decay beneath a kitchen floor. The photograph is of a broken floorboard, resting on top of the rotting floor.  You can see how brittle the wood has become, having been slowly consumed by the Dry Rot fungus.

In this case, the extent of the decay was so significant that the floor had to be replaced with pre-treated timber in order to prevent future outbreaks of the decay.  A fungicidal spray was used to kill off any remenents of the Dry Rot fungus.

Consequences of Dry Rot

Where Dry Rot is active in a home, it can cause numerous serious problems and may pose a danger to the safety of those inhabiting the property. Gradually, Dry Rot weakens the timber which it affects and can cause it to collapse. Where a staircase or floor is made from timber, this can mean that the stair or floor can collapse, causing obvious damage to the property and a risk of serious injury to you.

Dry Rot Treatments

We specialise in the prevention and treatment of Dry Rot.  In any case where Dry Rot is discovered, it is essential to act quickly.  Dry Rot decay is a progressive defect, meaning that it will spread and worsen in time if untreated.  If the decay is found quickly, it then might be possible to save more of the timber, thus lowering the overall costs of the Dry Rot treatments.

Where small outbreaks of the decay are found, it might be possible to save the timbers which are affected, so early treatment of Dry Rot is essential. However, where the decay is as serious as that pictured, replacement of the timber is almost inevitable, which can be costly.

Dry Rot Specialists

We are specialists in the treatment and prevention of Dry Rot decay. Where you suspect that Dry Rot is affecting your home, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible.

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